The Visionary

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The Visionary

Author: Birgitte Rasine

Page count: 172 pages


Electric cars and solar cells, stock markets and mobile phones, coffee and cargo ships, footsteps on the moon and the half-life of songs. What they all have in common might surprise you.The Visionary drives through a cascading commentary on the nature of time, light, and the human capacity for vision, exhorting us to re-imagine and reconfigure the systems and habits that have rendered us completely blind to our own potential. An unrelenting fusion of fiction and real life, this inspirational critique of modern Western society is at once poetic and raw. The Visionary will make you “think different.”

And when you're done with the narrative, it'll hit that poetry home with real life—the stories of grassroots visionaries pushing their vision forward.


The Visionary is not just a book. It's an initiative. It's a community of visionaries, of thinkers and doers who are actively changing their world—and often the rest of the world—for the better.

The Visionaries project tells the stories of men and women who are changing the world, one visionary act at a time. Are you actively pursuing your vision of a healthier, cleaner, more equitable world? We want to hear about you. Submit your visionary story today.


“Birgitte’s beautiful poetic exploration evokes and speaks to the visionary inspiration in all of us—the yearning to inspire and be inspired and to create something to awaken and heal the world.”—Steve Omohundro, PhD, scientist and inventor

“Works like The Visionary call upon us to act with what I would call a ‘natural morality.’”—Don Thompson, filmmaker and essayist

“Birgitte has inspired me to think about vision in a new way.”

—Kathryn Gorges, founder, WomenLaunch

“The Visionary resonated with me because it describes the desire for and the importance of focusing on things bigger than ourselves and our immediate gratification. That’s what I try to do in my work, and that’s what I think many of us are looking for.” —Cullen Howe, Esq., environmental attorney

“Birgitte’s mellifluous prose reminds us that you cannot fail at being yourself, which means doing with all your might what you were born to do with your light, your vision, and your time.”—Ken Atchity, PhD, author and founder of Story Merchant

“The idea of giving back, of coming full circle, is embedded in The Visionary.”

—Keren Taylor, founder,

“The Visionary is my ‘why,’ in poem form.”—Doug May, technologist