The Twenty Trecenas of The Tzolk'in

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The Twenty Trecenas of The Tzolk'in - A White Shaman's Guide to Using the 260-Day Tzolk'in Clock

by The White Shaman

Page count: 165 pages

Book description:

Harness the power of the Tzolk’in Clock to manifest your greatest destiny! In his debut manifesto, The White Shaman brings forth a revolutionary interpretation of the Mayan Tzolk’in as a three-dimensional clock that uses time and the collective consciousness to create physical realities out of thoughts within 260-day rounds.

Living by the Tzolk’in Clock is a way to transform our lives from “chasing the dollar” on the Gregorian calendar to “using our spiritual selves to deliver our reality.” Manifesting destiny with spiritual time is done using our thoughts and consciousness by planting seeds of desires and nurturing them through the unique energy of each day on the Tzolk’in Clock. Learn to plant, grow and manifest the fruits of your seeds during a Tzolk’in round while gaining a deep understanding of the importance of each day on the Clock.

This book includes chapters based on twenty articles written and published in real time by The White Shaman as he lived a full Tzolk’in round with the intention of learning the unique energy of each day in the twenty trecenas of the Tzolk’in Clock.

Watch this video for an introduction to the book!