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Mayan Astrology Reports

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"Amazingly Accurate and Deep Insights into your Unique Personality Pattern"

Recent scientific discoveries have now recovered the ancient wisdom contained in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar. This prophetic calendar, used by the Maya for 3000 years, describes who you are on the deepest levels.

Your 15 page Mayan Astrology Report will cover the following:

- detailed description of your Mayan Sun Sign.

- description of the 13-day "week" in which you were born, adding a further dimension and layer of detail to your Sun Sign characteristics. It can be seen as an explanation of what lies beneath your "surface" personality.

- explanation of your birthday position in the the ancient nine-day "Lord of the Night" cycle, a schema in which your personality characteristics are linked symbolically to a specific Meso-american god or goddess.

- description of the personality characteristics you share with others of your birth year. Each year within a 52-year cycle has an individual meaning!

- description of your Venus phase according to the Maya model, yielding insights into your social and relationship patterns.

- five-year "Critical Day" report based on your birth date. This technique, based on a principle similar to biorhythms, yields a list of dates that may represent turning points in your life.

- general introduction to Meso-american astrology, describing the techniques employed in your personality profile.

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Please Note: Your Mayan Astrology report is prepared for you. They are not instantaneous (automatic). Generally, you will receive your report via e-mail within 24 hours unless the order is placed on the weekend. In that case, we will do our best to e-mail your report on the following Monday. A printed report is also an option for an additional fee to cover printing and shipping cost. The printed report is no different than the e-mailed report so best to print on your end if possible.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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James VanderWeele
Majixally attuned

My experience with this system is minimal, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the shift away from the current positions of the stars to your inspection of my personality tendencies, based on the date of my birth. It appears that as a 7-Muluc the day of my birth has placed me near the middle of a system of life on this planet. As I look back, after my 75 years of life, I was pleased to find that the moments of my greatest satisfaction were times when I was offered service to others of focused on expanding my education. Both of these corresponded nicely with the materials sent my way. Much appreciated.

Very Detailed

I really enjoyed this report. It is very detailed. This is the most accurate astrology report I have received.

Kinda cool

I learned a couple of things, very nice report!


Amazed at the accuracy & depth of my Mayan horoscope!

Good report

If you know a bit about the sign and the cosmos,
it is a deep tool to transform in every day life.

Energy works and manifest.