Galactic Butterfly (Hunab Ku) Temporary Tattoos

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Galactic Butterfly (Hunab Ku) Temporary Tattoos 

2 Sizes sold in sets:

Small 2 x2" (6 per set) 

Large 4 x 4" (6 per set) -- one set left!

The Galactic Butterfly, also called the Hunab Ku is an ancient symbol that is said to represent the Supreme God or the One Being, with ‘Hunab’ meaning ‘one state of being’ and ‘Ku’ meaning ‘God.’ It encompasses all opposites in the universe and unites them as one: male and female, dark and light, yin, and yang, conscious and unconscious, internal and external—the list goes on. Some believe that the Hunab Ku acts as a bridge to connect these opposites. Click here to read what Ian Xel Lungold wrote about the Galactic Butterfly (Hunab Ku).