Mayan Flip Calendar

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Mayan Flip Calendar

A great way to follow the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar daily by simply flipping the page each day to view the current day on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar.

"By following the Count of Days, all one has to do is remember to flip the Number card and the Day Glyph card, be aware of what day it is, and focus on the energies of that particular day. Simply by consistently remembering to do this on a daily basis allows you to experience the flow of creation as it passes by. Gradually, you may begin to notice changes, synchronizations, coincidences and explainable (miraculous) events happening in and around your life."

-Portable daily calendar

-Unfolds into a sturdy triangular stand

-High gloss Number and Day Glyph cards

-Includes a 27 page Instruction Manual

- Perpetual design

- Limited edition - only 1,000 printed and they are hand numbered, less than 100 left.

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