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Intrinity T-shirts

Color: Gold on black t-shirt

The Intrinity has been described as a consciousness accelerator. It is not just an object, but is also an interactive alchemical tool.

The Intrinity is composed of 3 elements. The center circle with triangle is an ancient symbol of the trinity of man. Body, mind and soul, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, Darma, Samboga and Nirmana, Father ,Son and Holy Spirit. In every religious and religious belief system the trinity is fundamental. On the sides of the central circle and triangle are two Treskals, most famously represented at New Grange Ireland. This also a symbol of the three ways. In the Intrinity the two Treskals connect to form a triple infinity. So trinity and triple infinity make Intrinity.

Be sure to watch the short video where Fred explains the sacred geometry of the Intrintiy. Fred also demonstrates how spinning the Intrinity creates a 3D Merkaba.