Mayan Crocodile Tree Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Mayan Crocodile Tree Pendant in Sterling Silver

Size: 50 mm (2")

Pendant has a bail on back for chain.

Originally carved by the late Ian Xel Lunglod. Our jeweler Frederick Shute uses Ian's original mold to create this very special pendant in sterling silver. Please allow 3 weeks.

According to the Mayan legend, the crocodile with human arms represents the reptilian creator gods who sparked life on this planet. From their plan, life evolved and grew into the World Tree. Landing in the World Tree is the Mayan god K uk ulkan, or Quetzalcoatl. This symbolizes God entering the universe that he himself has created. His purpose is to lose himself in the creation, as you would lose yourself in love making. To become created by the universe, flow with the universe and re-emerge as his fully realized God self.

We each personally experience this process as the evolution of life. The coming to know by witness, all of creation and coming to understand the true nature of ourselves as creators.

The Crocodile Tree represents the Milky Way, our galaxy as it dips and dives in the night sky through out the year. It also represents the road home to the stars. Known to the Maya as Kuxan Sum (umbilical cord) or spiritual rope of light that connects your belly button to the central sun of our galaxy. The central sun is called Hunabku.

On the back of the pendant is the Mayan date for October 28, 2011. This date is the end of our 26,000 year evolutionary cycle here on Earth and the beginning of the sixth sun, the Age of Knowing.

The Call

I know that you have heard the call.
Our Mother Earth needs you now.
She needs us all.
Find the meaning of this sign.
Join the procession of true time.
August 11, 1999 marks the start.
A journey to synchronicity.
With mother's crystal heart.
Wear this with wonder.
Wear this with pride.
Coincidence no longer
As we ride times tide.
This gift flown to you and others
Flown freely from me
To carry my prayers
That it might be
Your memory key

Poem by Ian Xel Lungold