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The Mayan Artisans

The descendents of the ancient Maya, as well as other survivors of early cultures, face a daunting challenge to maintain the core elements, traditions, and art of their history and ethnicity while living in our modern world of commerce and technology. Maintaining their spiritual and artistic connections is often times in conflict with current economic reality.

Our mission:

· Work directly with Central American artisans and cottage industries to develop products and designs appealing to consumer markets beyond the local tourist trade

· Support cottage industry development and independence, while maintaining cultural integrity

· Present universally appealing, limited edition Artisan crafted items to an international audience

· Create a sustainable order flow and income to meaningfully increase their insufficient incomes beyond that of the fickle local tourist trade

The Mayan culture can offer us moving lessons and insights to our modern world. They have a wonderful way of balancing the ever changing energies of daily life with the energies that we carry within ourselves.

· These products embrace artisan techniques passed down over hundreds of years

· They represent some of the finest hand work done in the world today with global cultural appeal

· They carry with them the wonderful energy and connection to a world of balance and health

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