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Intrinity Pendants in Silver
Intrinity Pendants in Silver

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Intrinity Pendants in Silver

Created by our Jeweler Frederick Shute

3 sizes:

Large - approximately 1 3/4 " in diameter

Medium - approximately 1" in diameter
Small - approximately 3/4" in diameter

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The Intrinity has been described as a consciousness accelerator. It is not just an object, but is also an interactive alchemical tool.

he Intrinity is composed of 3 elements. The center circle with triangle is an ancient symbol of the trinity of man. Body, mind and soul, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, Darma, Samboga and Nirmana, Father ,Son and Holy Spirit. In every religious and religious belief system the trinity is fundamental. On the sides of the central circle and triangle are two Treskals, most famously represented at New Grange Ireland. This also a symbol of the three ways. In the Intrinity the two Treskals connect to form a triple infinity. So trinity and triple infinity make Intrinity.

Be sure to watch the short video where Fred explains the sacred geometry of the Intrintiy. Fred also demonstrates how spinning the Intrinity creates a 3D Merkaba.

Making the Intrinity pendants is a very special process for Fred. He encourages people who purchase the Intrinity to send a picture of themselves or the person the Intrinity is for so he can connect energetically with the person when he creates the pendant. Email photo to: admin@mayanmajix.com

Quote from Fred:

There are 18 steps in the creation of each Intrinity. That means that I touch each Intrinity at least 18 times before it is completed. Every Intrinity has 6 solder junctions where the Treskals meet the circle and triangle. Every Intrinity is polished 3 times. And yet , somehow, it is hard for me to let each one go. So many of them are created with the picture of the recipient right there on my work bench. It is my intention to totally transcend myself during the creation process. I feel that My "self" is out of the way and the Intrinity almost creates itself for each person. I often feel like I am standing just a bit away witnessing the process.

When you look closely at your Intrinity you will surely notice that it is not perfect at all. Although it is based on principals of Sacred Geometry , it is also very organic. I feel like they are alive, and each one honed in to either connect with it's human or find it's human. I am not the designer of the Intrinity , but just the technician appointed to manifest it. But, I have to say I am no enlightened being as my ego delights in every connection we make through the Intrinity."

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