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Macadamia Skin Oil
100% Natural Macadamia SkinCream, Oil and Lip Balm

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100% Natural Macadamia Oil

125 ml (4.22 fl oz) per bottle

"You can almost feel it soaking into your skin"

10 Natural Oil provides the utmost nourishment to your skin.
This oil will restore the natural elasticity and moisture of your skin, protect
you from dryness and even reduce fine wrinkles and stretch marks to give
your skin a younger and healthier look.

Absolutely great for massages!

You can feel the warmth as you rub the oil into your skin. It is like a heating pad
in your hands! No odor and no need to shower after a massage!

What makes 10 Natural so effective for maintaining your healthy skin?

Our skin is an amazing organ! Other than protecting us, our skin also has glands that
produce a substance, Sebum, which lubricates and waterproofs our skin and hair.
It is in effect, a delivery system for moisturizers, antioxidants, and antimicrobial
lipids, which are the components of healthy skin and hair.

Without getting too complicated, Sebum is composed of various fatty acids and vitamins
that are responsible for our skin's health and look. As we age our skin's ability to produce
these essential nutrients diminishes. The sun, wind, pollution, and other damaging things
we expose our skin and hair to strip us of these youth maintaining compounds.

If we want our skin and hair to look their best, we need to use some type of moisturizer
to replace these lost fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to counter aging and the destructive
influences on our skin.

What are some of the natural compounds that are contained in Macadamia oil that
lubricate, protect, restore and rejuvenate our skin's look, feel, and health?

> Palmitoleic Acid or Omega 7 Acid - a key building block of healthy skin, hair, and nails - helps
combat wrinkles, dryness, loss of skin, elasticity, and other symptoms of aging skin. Macadamia oil,
according to a study done by Whole Foods* , has the highest component of Palmitoleic Acid of
all the products they have tested.

> Oleic Acid or Omega 9 Acid - penetrates past the outer skin layer for longer lasting and more
intense moisturizing and regeneration properties. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

> Vitimin E - helps heal small wounds

> Cinnamic acid - provides natural sun protection

> Linoleic Acid - A fatty acid that assists in preventing trans epidermal water loss from the more delicate skin tissue.

* source: Wholefoodcatalog.info/nutrient/palmitolec_acid/foods/

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